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Action Photography

Images in this category represent action and movement. It could be surfing, wakeboarding, skateboarding, or similar sports. It could be cars, trucks, motorcycles, or airplanes. It could just about anything as long as it’s moving, jumping, flying, falling, crashing, burning, spinning, or exploding.

Need to photograph something moving? Flashlight film productions photography team can shoot your racing or demonstration event. Our photography team is no stranger to speed. We frequently shoot wakeboarding events from a chase boat. Our experienced team can shoots all action scenes of movies, TV-serials, TV Commercials etc easily.

Architecture and Interiors

This section of our portfolio contains architectural photography of commercial and residential construction, interior design, and refinishing. We can provide artistically rendered images of any location, interior or exterior, day or night. Flashlight film productions photography primarily serves across India. We frequently travel outside of India so if you are located anywhere else in the world, don't hesitate to contact us for a quote. Not only can flashlight film productions photography provide still photography of almost any project, we also produce award-winning, high definition time-lapse films for the construction and refinishing trades.

Conceptual Photography

Sometimes the best product photography isn't enough to convey an idea or concept that it represents. For photos that evoke more than the obvious subject matter, we enter the realm of conceptual photography. Conceptual photography brings more than a picture to the viewer-- it also brings an idea, and many times, an emotional response. A good conceptual image causes the viewer to act. For this reason, conceptual photography is widely used in advertising. Let flashlight film productions Photography team to help you with your advertising imagery. We can work with our art director or we can develop concepts with you directly. We will help you create images that cause your customers to act. People talk about our images. They are admired, shared, analyzed, criticized, and often copied. Photography Headshots / Portraiture Catalog / Lifestyle Product Photography Architecture Food Photography Travel Photography Nature Photography Action Photography Conceptual Art.

Event photography

Providing you with the best school formal and graduation dinner photography service is the Event Photographers team mission. Our friendly and professional team is looking forward to capturing the flavour of your event with fun roving photos as well as onsite studio photos of you looking your best. Then within days posting your photos to you through the mail and online on our PIN protected site so you and your friends can view your photos without obligation at your leisure. To make a booking simply call us or mail us and we will contact you within one day with a reply. Book a professional event photographer with on-site printing for your next event WELCOME TO Flashlight film productions event photography team, the home of the professional event photographer Thank you for visiting our web site. We hope you find your visit interesting and informative. Our event photographers cover all kinds of events however we specialize in Corporate event photography, Sport, TV and Movie press junkets where you want the most professional event photographer in attendance to best reflect your brand or service. Our team can work directly for you or under the direction of your chosen Event Organizer. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 07389958571 Flashlight film productions photography offer a professional digital event photography and instant on-site printing service at both indoor and outdoor events of any size. Our specialist event photographers attend many events Free of charge selling high quality photographic products to your guests/members that are professionally printed on the day so they can take a lasting memento home rather than have to wait for the post. Please feel free to call us to discuss any ideas or special requests, we are very flexible and will do anything we can to make your event work for all involved.

Engagement & pre-wedding shoots

Our professional photography team having expertise to take awesome pictures for pre wedding shoots and engagement celebrations. You can also get a good idea how we like to photograph people, before you decide to use our wedding photography team, The images taken during this shoot will be fabulous to use as a signature board image, a guest book for people to sign on the Big Day or even have save the day or thank you cards made.

Pre wedding photo shoot is fun, it paints your emotions on a beautiful canvas before your wedding day, experience the love in our pictures , which will get imprinted in your memory as a symbol of your courtship days. Powered by the ideas of ace imaging our creative photography team.

Our pre wedding short films and the guest scrap book from your pre wedding photo shoot are a delight to have, you can play the film on a giant screen on your wedding day.

you can plan a save the date video for your friends months before the actual wedding day, acts like fun idea for a printed wedding cards.

Product photography

Flashlight film productions photography team can photograph your products in our studio or on location. No product is too large or too small. We will bring our team to your warehouse, showroom, or factory. There are so many products which we can do photography like automobiles, clothing, wetsuits, electronics, jewelry, and yachts. We frequently travel also outside of India so if you are located anywhere else in the world, don't hesitate to contact us for a quote.

Most of the products in this section can do photography against solid color backgrounds. We can create "cutouts" of each product so they can be combined with different background images for catalogs and print advertising. We can also photograph your products in a natural setting.

Food Photography

This section is dedicated to the photography of food. Our Photography team can do all types of cuisine for restaurants, cafes, chefs, farmer's markets, and catering companies. Flashlight film productions photography team likes to promote local organic, vegan, and raw food restaurants.

Need photos for your restaurant, cafe, bakery, or catering business? Flashlight film productions photography team will comes to your location and photograph your food as you make it. Need photos for a catalog or brochure? Our team can photograph your products with natural or studio backgrounds. We can design your printed materials as well as your web site. Everything is done in-house.

Professional Modeling Photography

Looking to kick start your career in modeling? Wanting to update your existing portfolio with some fresh, new images? Or perhaps you just want to experience what it’s like to be a model for a day and have a professional fashion shoot experience?

One of the most creative Fashion photography team, with an experience of over a decade in India and abroad, offers modeling portfolios, to facilitate young aspirants fulfill their dreams and achieve desirable recognition in the world of Fashion, Films and Advertising.

Meticulously planned out, the portfolio includes a wide range of selection from unlimited photographs shot with a high resolution professional Digital camera both in fully equipped studio as well as outdoors.

A number of stunning looks are provided by well renowned make-up and Hair stylist who gives the right effects as per the frame and bone structure. And this includes unlimited pictures.

Shooting digitally helps you instantly see your images as the shoot goes on. This gives a great boost to your confidence in posing and facing the camera and gives you the best possible portfolio.

Professional Photography Team :

We are having an expert team of two for professional photo shoots

Mr. Rohan Sharma is a leading photographer of Indore. He is Professional photographer having experienced in fashion photography, showing talent by his awesome clicks from more than five years. He is working providing their services to Flashlight Events & now also for Flashlight film Productions

Dabboo Ratnani - Profile


Flashlight Film productions & Flashlight Events is now associated with Dabboo ratnani for professional fashion photography & Wedding Photography.

Dabboo Ratnani Born on December 24, is a leading Indian model photographer, mostly known for his annual calendar which has become a highly notable showbiz event in India since its first publication in 1999. The calendar is compared to the Kingfisher Calendar as a pioneer of the genre of sensational calendars. He was the cover photographer for the first issue of the Indian edition of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. In 2006, he was in the jury for the Miss India contest.

A name that is synonymous with excellence & creativity. For over a decade Dabbo Ratnani has continued to master the art of photography. From personality portraits and advertising campaigns to fashion and magazine layouts, Dabboo has developed and showcased a discriminating and unique style of his profession.

Known for his unassuming disposition, sincere dedication and an eye for making his subjects seem surreal, lens-legend Dabboo Ratnani's resume shrieks names that scrape the upper echelons of Bollywood aristocracy. Some of these celebrities have refused to shoot with anyone but the man himself. Amitabh Bachchan, Michael Jackson, Boris Becker, Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Sachin Tendulkar, Sanjay Dutt, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Preity Zinta, Kareena Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Rahul Dravid, Sania Mirza are just a few who deem thsi man as the only one who can captur the good despite of bad and the ugly! Always accomodating and admirably relaxed, never pushy but gently persuasive, Dabboo has a knack of getting his pictures despite the odds.

Travel Photography

Flashlight film productions professional photography team can travel across the world, whether you are a travel agency, airline, cruise line, chamber of commerce, or tourism director, Flashlight film productions photography team can provide the best images for your catalog, brochure, or web site. We will travel to any location and we have some of the best rates in the industry.

Wedding Photography The Flashlight film Productions is a professional organization composed of wedding photographers across India & also around the world. What sets our members apart in the industry is their candid, documentary approach – a distinctly artistic vision toward wedding photography.

The Flashlight Film Productions puts the world’s best wedding photography at your fingertips. We offer a new perspective on wedding photography - quietly capturing the real moments as they happen for the bride and groom. It is our goal to use photography to tell the story of your wedding day, not dictate it for you.

The best wedding photography in the world

We want to make your wedding photographer just as fun and exciting. Flashlight Film Productions is having a showcase of the best wedding photographers in the world who are constantly striving to surprise you with wedding photos that will amaze you!

If you're planning a wedding and you care deeply about photography, you've found the right place. We want to help you find the photographer who will tell the story of your wedding day. We share your passion, enthusiasm, and obsession for photography. Our photographers are inspired to push the envelope of what is possible every single day. They are creative, talented, and among the best in the world.

We love working with new ideas for bridal photos. Our focus with Indian bridal photography is to be capture happiness as the essence of Indian bridal photography.

Indian bridal photography

Get the bridal portraits

We love working with new ideas for bridal photos. Our focus with Indian bridal photography is to be capture happiness as the essence of Indian bridal photography.

Wedding photography

Flashlight film productions photography team understands that every wedding is different. The rituals, the festivities, the elaboration and, the time involved. Therefore, one size does not fit all and the pricing for a wedding is fully variable, based on your needs. So meet up, discuss your plans and see what comes up when we put our minds together. Usually you will receive:

5 or more hours of coverage with two photographers on your wedding day.

A DVD with all of your professionally edited images with print permission.

A leather-bound coffee table photo book of special images of your wedding.

AJ Photography can help you do a lot more with your images starting with canvas prints and photo books. a basic Indian wedding candid photography with reception + wedding package will starts at 80,000/- INR. Conditions apply. Kindly mail for customized one for you. Portraiture An flashlight film productions portraiture session would take two hours on location. Discuss the location and the best time for the shoot, especially if children are involved. Change as many costumes as you like. Enjoy yourself. You will receive: + a DVD with all of your professionally edited images with print permission + Face book-Ready digital images. If you have more questions, please contact us and we can customize shoots according to your needs.

For best event photography for call us - 073899958571

Pictures of Wedding & Fashion Photography