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Best Brand Promotion service of India .We are here to promote you with our strategically creative campaigning, professional skills and wide Internet & social media network & Online PR in this highly competitive world of Internet. ARE YOU LOOKING FOR YOUR BRAND PROMOTION?

Whether you are an Company of any sector, Institutions, Owner of any business etc. ; your main objective is to strengthen your online presence, accelerating your popularity meter (increasing your fans and appreciators) and get noticed by new clients. We are here to promote you with our strategically creative campaigning, professional skills and wide Internet & social media network & Online PR in this highly competitive world of Internet. We have creative campaigns for brand promotion which primarily includes following attribute



Our dedicated WEB DESIGNING STUDIO is always indulged in designing very creative, highly professional &unique website designs for artists that gives the perfect first impression to the visitors, fans and users. Our expert will design your website in such a way that it will be empowered with social media sharing, & will give you a highly dynamic web appearance and makes you in a winsome situation!!


Building a brand name is the key process in any task as it plays a vital role in the later part of the career, where you just have get more work and opportunities because of your name or brand name. Our creative campaigns will make your name popular in market using our expert marketing strategies you just have to sit back and relax. It doesn’t just happen by its own – Fresh & Creative design, logo creation and more. We develop your name to next level popular brand name with our marketing strategies and our Online Brand Promotions.


Whether its Face book, Twitter, YouTube etc… we have great online PR network and powerful pages and tools to promote you to the masses and make you popular amongst them and make your art reach to its maximum virility’s statistics matters a lot in this competitive world so if you want face book fan page promotion, Increased You tube Views, Huge Number of Fans we will Provide you all these services.


Visual / Promo Design of any art makes it more appealing, powerful and produces a stronger impact on the audience of any art. For this our very expert team of video and graphic designer will conceptualize the video for your artwork (songs, remixes, promos, advertisements etc.) and come up with extraordinary visual presentations. Not only this we will also make your video go viral and make it popular on internet so that you & your art gets maximum exposure and consequently huge fan following delivering best of Brand Promotion.


It’s a common misconception that TV COMMERCIAL advertising is only for the big guns. Now by Flashlight Events TV advertising is become an affordable option and more suited to smaller businesses than you think!

There are literally hundreds of SME’s that started out with only a relatively small 10k budget for TV COMMERCIAL advertising, that have now grown considerably over time to now be spending two, three, even four times that amount every month. These businesses are no different to you except TV has given them the perception of size and market credibility whilst more importantly exposing their brand to 1,000’s of potential customers with every ads.

What can TV COMMERCIAL Advertising do for your company?

TV is a powerful advertising medium as it combines two main senses - sight and sound, to create an emotive response. A good ad will deliver a clear message that will engage those senses, when you add a great product or service to the mix you have a winning combination and a very effective sales tool.

TV advertising also allows you to reach a targeted audience of viewers to maximize your leads and branding. We say targeted because a good ad agency makes sure your ad is seen by the most number of potential customers at any one time. Getting our customers the best available spots for their budget is what we do best.

For the first time ever, in India, BY FLASHLIGHT EVENTS you can buy spots on premium National TV channels that will be played only in your city.

The ad spots are so affordable that for the same price as a quarter page ad on a local newspaper or a radio campaign, you can now advertise all month long on TV - not just on any TV, but on India’s best national TV channels.

Our team is working with “Amagi” team *{terms & conditions apply} for serving Smart TV Commercial Advertising to our customers.

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