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Best Artist Promotion service of India .We are here to promote you with our strategically creative campaigning, professional skills and wide Internet & social media network & Online PR in this highly competitive world of Internet.

Are you looking for artist promotion?

Whether you are an Artist, Deejay, Singer, Performer, Music Producer, Music Band etc. ; your main objective is to strengthen your online presence, accelerating your popularity meter (increasing your fans and appreciators) and get noticed by new clients. We are here to promote you with our strategically creative campaigning, professional skills and wide Internet & social media network & Online PR in this highly competitive world of Internet. We have creative campaigns for artist promotion which primarily includes following attribute.

Our artist promotion packages includes.

UNIQUE WEBSITE DESIGN FOR ARTIST PROMOTION Our dedicated WEB DESIGNING STUDIO is always indulged in designing very creative, highly professional &unique website designs for artists that gives the perfect first impression to the visitors, fans and users. Our expert will design your website in such a way that it will be empowered with social media sharing, & will give you a highly dynamic web appearance and makes you in a winsome situation!!

Artist or brand name development.

Building a brand name is the key process in any task as it plays a vital role in the later part of the career, where you just have get more work and opportunities because of your name or brand name .Our creative campaigns will make your name popular in market using our expert marketing strategies you just have to sit back and relax. It doesn’t just happen by its own – Fresh & Creative design, logocreation and more. We develop your name to next level popular brand name with our marketing strategies and our Online Artist Promotions.

Promote music online through us

Online Music Promotion on Internet is the strongest weapon for any artist to promote your music online. A major part of audience these days prefers listening music online and many artists have got fame just because their music and video’s got viral on Internet. Flashlight Events with its excellent promotional campaigns helps you and your music to reach larger audience.

Powerful social media marketing

Whether its Face book, Twitter, YouTube etc… we have great online PR network and powerful pages and tools to promote you to the masses and make you popular amongst them and make your art reach to its maximum virility’s statistics matters a lot in this competitive world so if you want face book fan page promotion, Increased You tube Views , Huge Number of Fans we will Provide you all these services.

Promo designs & video promotions

Eye Candy Visual / Promo Design of any art makes it more appealing, powerful and produces a stronger impact on the audience of any art . For this our very expert team of video and graphic designer will conceptualize the video for your artwork (songs, remixes, promos, advertisements etc.) and come up with extraordinary visual presentations. Not only this we will also make your video go viral and make it popular on internet so that you & your art gets maximum exposure and consequently huge fan following delivering best of Artist Promotion.

Artist booking for events

Anchors, Singers, Comedians, Dancers, Models, Music Bands & Other Artists Booking for Events!!

We provide you any artist for events. Flashlight Events provides you your favorite artist for events in the best price. We understand your requirements and provide you with the most suitable artist in your range of budget.

Anchors – Video Jockeys – Radio Jockeys

Anchors are those special persons who host or present you program in such an interactive way that the audience gets entertained and feel connected to the event. Hence the overall success of the event depends on the way content of the program or event is presented and that makes anchors to play a crucial role in the events.

Flashlight Events always aims at providing quality services in every kind of events and hence it also indulges into the services of anchor management along with the in order to make your event more successful and interactive

According to the requirement of the client and the kind of event, we provide you with the most suitable anchors/host ranging from TV show anchors or Bollywood star anchors. Flashlight Events also networks with the RJs & VJs and thus also manage such artists according to clients needs.

Comedians – Stand up – Mimicry Artist

A comedian or comic is a person who seeks to entertain an audience, primarily by making them laugh. This might be through jokes or amusing situations, or acting a fool, as in slapstick, or employing prop comedy. A comedian who addresses an audience directly is called a stand-up comic. The Indian TV Comedians, once upon time had specific characters or played lead roles in comedy soaps. With the passage of time, comedy has become an essential factor of TV serials and quite implicit.

The character artists playing cameo roles or supportive roles are the comedians too. Indian television has been gifted with some of the most talented comedians of the age. Humor is an important part of events and having rib tickling entertainers performing their cameos at events have become an integral part of any event/concert targeting entertainment.

Flashlight Events is where you will find complete artist management of every genre. We also provide you with the latest hot shots of the TV comic industry according to your requirements. We also assist at the part of comic gags, script writings and other creative aspects.

Dancers – classical – western – belly/ salsa

Dance is a physical and visual art form, which has an immediate and massive impact on the spectator. The various Indian forms act like a window to India’s rich cultural reservoir. Dance is the form of art, wherein the body is used as a medium of communication. Indian dances have played an influential role in many other realms of art including poetry, sculpture, architecture, literature, music and theater.

We have professional dancers from every school of dance along with spectacular stage performers”.

Whether you need contemporary dancers who can move like Bollywood backup dancers or Kathak dancers who know the traditional styles of dances. We can also arrange for belly dancers, classical dancers, and many more. We also provide the whole Dance troupe according to the requirement from Punjabi bhangra to South Indian dance forms performers as well as Western Dancers.

Models – tv models – ramp models – print models

If you are searching for the perfect face of your brand it ends here at Flashlight Events. we have a fantastic collection of male models, female models, child models as well as models of all ages (Both Indian and International). We play a significant role of being a model management agency that provide a perfect platform for those men and women who want to make their career in the fashion and modeling industry.

We specialize in a number of services like model management, fashion show management, portfolio management etc. Our expertise in the business allows us to cater to your needs and provide you with exactly what you need for your brand.

As a fashion show organizer we analyze the purpose and objective of the corporate and after that we conceptualize the theme and all the other implementation. With totally keeping mind the purpose and class of brand, we provide the most suitable faces to your brands/products.

Music bands – rock bands – jazz bands

You always fancied having an all-Indian Backstreet boys or West life or Boy zone, didn’t you? Well very frankly Indians aren’t lagging behind their foreign counterparts. The trend of grouping under one umbrella for music sake to perform like a unit on stage had been baptized some 5-6 years back in India. Still Band music is a relatively new form of music because its popularity has flourished in India in recent past. Its popularity is increasing very rapidly and this western culture is catching up really fast among the youths of India. We also network with various music bands having their expertise to entertain you with their exceptional musical performances which includes jazz, rock bands etc.

Singers – vocal artists

Maybe you want a celebrity item number or just a trained singer, either way we have them both. We also have skilled instrumentalists trained in tabla, Congo, traditional flute and other instruments. Aside from classical music, we also can provide lively rock bands and contemporary artists.

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