Airtel Advertising

You can now advertise on the post paid bills of Airtel. It's a good way to reach out to corporate India, since it's them who are mainly on post-paid. These bills are mailed / e-mailed to post-paid customers every month.

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  • Reach of Airtel Bill Advertising
  • Targeting options for Airtel Bill Advertising
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Media options for airtel bill advertising

  • Ads on the bills / envelopes, available individually as a banner, square and back of envelope
  • E-bills for mobile post-paid
  • E-bills for broadband post-paid users
  • Bill inserts

Reach of airtel bill advertising

  • 3.5 million physical bills statements
  • 2 million e-bill statements sent by mail
  • 3.2 million broadband post-paid statements

Targeting options for airtel bill advertising

  • By circle
  • By city
  • By pin code
  • By ARPU (average revenue per user)

Images of airtel bill advertising

Pricing for airtel bill advertising

  • Rs. 4 per post-paid bill
  • Rs. 4 per envelope