About us

About Flashlight Film Productions: At Flashlight film productions, we believe in creativity that works, and in ideas that connect you with your potential customers. We contribute our services to help you face the challenges of connecting to your customers by entertaining them within the context of the larger goal of persuading, deepening customer relationship, of selling your product and building a brand.

To attain, we remain observant and analytical of the current social and consumer behavioral trends, resulting in a workable brand strategy, designed for the contemporary market. By sharing our expertise and information, we provide exceptionally comprehensive yet flexible services tailored to suit each assignment. We at Flashlight film productions welcome you for your complete video production support with unique advertising options.

An Ingenious Thought for every Process. At Thought Process, we deliver nothing but world-class quality. Be it a 30-sec. Ad Film or then a 5-minute corporate film. Our commitment remains constant. Focus, unwavered.

What changes, is our approach. What differs is our ‘idea’. That’s the reason why some of the world’s most innovative brands have relied on Thought Process to fulfill their communication needs. And made us their indispensable partners in success. Time and again!! We don’t just spin stories.

At Thought Process, we help your brand to communicate effectively. Our “Mass communication” background makes it easier than ever.. Because we understand your perspective, it is quite often that a corporate approaches us with a ‘short brief’, and we successfully script it and transform it into a complete film. Our creative talent pool makes it possible.

Our proficient script writers add panache to your brand’s voice.

Our award-winning directors give that voice a stunning look.

Our experienced producers ensure that the look is delivered on time and within budgets.

Our state-of-the-art strategic partners ensure that all timelines are turned into a reality. We are working with Amagi Team for TV Commercial Advertising* tc apply.






Aishwarya Rai Bachan